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With powerful tools like Solar Panel Validation, address validation, system RPO & STC calculators, current CEC approved PV products and accredited installer lists enable you to manage your STC applications from creation to sales in a fast and efficient way.


STC Screen

Create your own STC applications on the go

  • Simply enter the installation details, Formbay will validate the details for you in real time
  • Installers with permission, can also create jobs from the app if they’re on the go.
  • Scanner
  • Scanner
  • Scanner
  • Scanner

Collect your STC data onsite in real time

  • Jobs completed through the smartphone app are generally processed faster due to the app running validations on the data as it is captured by the installer on site
  • Applications that are submitted via traditional paperwork generally take longer to process due to the manual nature of the auditing process
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Remote Signature Request

Send signature request directly to recipients via SMS

  • E-signatures on demand - instantly get your STC documents signed via email/SMS by your customers
  • Installers have an option of getting homeowner signatures on site via app or conveniently send an e-signature via a SMS. No need to go back to site
Role Management

Simplify team management

  • Keep the main account for yourself and create flexible roles for your team to cater to business’s growing needs
  • Team members can be assigned different roles based upon their position in business. Team member access can be activated or de-activated at ease.
Quality assurance

Quality assurance is our first priority

Our compliance team undertakes a manual verification and audit of all STC application submitted to Formbay. Verified claims are uploaded to the REC Registry for CER approval.

  • Efficient audits and resolution processes
  • Daily management of accreditation lists
  • Experienced STC compliance knowledge
  • CER's SRES SMART compliance checks
Auto Validation

Increase efficiency with auto validation

  • Install address
  • Serial numbers
  • Certified products & modules
  • Accredited CEC installers
  • Rated power output calculation
  • STC calculation

Fast. Reliable. Easy.

Sell lightning-fast, world-class payment process.
We never miss a payment to our clients.

Formbay Trading is a smart web platform for the creation and management of STC applications. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we make it easy to trade your STCs and get paid fast. Same day payment cut off @ 3 PM

Sell your STCs before CER approval or wait until approved and receive the best price.
No requirement to sell, you are able to hold your STCs until the time is right for you to sell. When you click sell at any stage, the payment is processed that same afternoon rain hail or shine.

Click here to register for trading account

How it works
  • Submit for processing
  • Wait for approval
  • Sell your STCs
Formbay Work

Electronic Signatures

100% enforceable, Waterproof signatures by signing right on your device. Electronic Signatures to ensure the legality of signatures

Electronic Sign

Benefits for every industry
Your entire organisation wins with electronic signatures

  • 100%

    Court admissible
  • 723m+

    Transaction in general business use
  • OPEN

    Electronic signature legal model
Legality in Australia

Electronic Signature has been recognized by law in Australia since 1999, with the passage of the Electronic Transactions Act. Australia has a history of being an open, business-friendly, electronic signature technology-neutral environment.

Solar icon

Formbay Solar app

CEC installers - Register for our free Installer app today to find out why 2 out of 3 installers have a Formbay app account.

SMS Directly

Download free, No ads

Formbay Solar app combines features that existing users are familiar with, with a host of exciting new features designed to allow installers to quickly and easily prepare and submit STC applications to the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).

Key features
  • SPV Built-in
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved scanner and camera performance
  • New support features
  • New Login Methods
What you'll need:
  • - A Formbay Mobile Installer account
  • - The latest version of the Formbay Solar app
New to Formbay?
  • Register as a Formbay Mobile Installer account in under 2 mins

Available for iOS and Android

  • Apple Store
  • Google Play
Pilot partner of

Solar Panel Validation

The Solar Panel Validation program is a joint initiative between Government and Industry to provide an easy and efficient way to check that solar panels installed are genuine and approved modules, backed by manufacturer warranties, and meet Australian standards. Launched formally in October 2018, Solar Panel Validation is fast becoming an industry standard with over a thousand installations verified and more verified every day

Learn why we're an industry leader

We’ve been recognised as a leader and innovator across the
government, manufactures and suppliers

  • 100+

    Installations verified each week
  • 1303+

    Installations verified to date
  • 11+

    Manufacturers onboard right now
Solar Panel Validation

Did you know?

Applications to create small-scale technology certificates (STC) submitted with validated solar panels are likely to be processed more quickly – typically within 48 hours, subject to the application successfully meeting all eligibility requirements under the scheme. STC applications submitted without validated solar panels may undergo a more detailed assessment.

Clean Energy Regulator

Formbay System

Build the power of Formbay into your system

Our REST API allows you to integrate Formbay with your existing system infrastructure

  • CRM, FPR or simply to download and archive your form data and documents.
  • Secure and runs over SSL so data is encrypted end-to-end so your data is safe from prying eyes.
  • The API is well documented on our wiki so you will have no headaches trying to work out how to work with our system, Once you are a Formbay client, you can call our support line to get your wiki login

Complying with standards and regulations

Formbay meets and exceeds some of the most stringent global security standards. Our commitment to and significant ongoing investment toward protecting customer data extends to all of Formbay’s operating environments

Quality Manage System ISO-9001 Information Security Management Systems ISO-27001