STC Trading
Made Easy

Now you can save costs and increase profit by easily selling your created STCs in any volume.

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*The advertised live price does not include our $1 STC processing fee.

Pre-approved STC Additional, Replacement and Large Commercial jobs will need to be assessed Via price request based on their current processing time with the CER.

A Co-Operative Approach
to Getting the Best Price

Welcome to FormBay Trading – a new and exciting service we’re offering that we know will add value to your bottom line.

By teaming up FormBay technology with one of Australia’s largest STC buyers, we are now able to bring you a live price, no matter whether you’re a large or small trader selling 50 or 50,000 STCs. This enables you to sell with others just like you, which makes a larger parcel and gets you the best price.

When its time to sell, you simply wait for the price you like, click ‘SELL’ on as many STCs as you like and get paid on the same day via our automated banking system!

How We Can Offer
You the Highest Price

Traditionally, buyers have limited the offer of the best price to only those selling STCs in bulk quantities (5,000+). Now, FormBay technology will enable customers’ STCs, no matter what quantity, to be aggregated and sold onto our trading partner with same day remittance! This means that even the smallest players can now access the best prices whenever they want. It’s just another way that we’re changing the industry for the better.

Who We Are

FormBay has a strong understanding of the Australian solar industry, having processed over 13 million STCs in the last 3 years. We communicate with stakeholders and design new products regularly, which have changed the industry for the better. Our Solar PV Installers’ Smartphone App has revolutionised the way STC forms are created in Australia and is now used by over 25% of Australian solar installers.

From Creation to Cash:
FormBay Runs the Whole Process for You

FormBay Trading is truly the final piece of the puzzle. Our technology covers the whole process: from generating the STC form, to compliance checking and submission to the CER and finally, the sale of the certificates – all from the comfort of your personal computer.

Our systems ensure that STCs are created efficiently and that they can be sold with ease when you like, whether that be immediately or 12 months later, for a good price! Overall, we’re confident that FormBay technology will make your business run more productively.

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Live Price

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