"I have been using the FormBay solar installers application for the past 6 months. FormBay is a great tool which streamlines the paper work process and save hours in front of a computer, scanning and emailing forms, downloading photos from cameras. All in all, it keeps all the information required in the one place. FormBay is simple to use and highly recommended "

Craig Malouf – installer for SunUp Solar

"With the new FormBay application I can now enjoy an install without the hassle of paperwork and do what we do best…Install! FormBay is so easy to use and everything is recorded online to view at any time. "

Alan Williams – Solar Team


"At SunUp Solar we have been utilising the FormBay system to process REC’s and STC’s for 2 years. We find the database FormBay offers an indispensable tool in the smooth running of our office. The fee we pay FormBay per STC is more than justified due to the savings in staff work hours and expertise we would otherwise have to spend to ensure ORER compliance was satisfied.

The Phone app makes communication between the office staff and installers very easy and saves installers a huge amount of time and travel by not having to physically bring paperwork back to the office after a job is completed. The solar industry presents many challenges on a daily basis, by using FormBay we can have the peace of mind that ORER compliance will be satisfied no matter how often it may change and we can turn our attention to the challenges of the day".

Amy Baker – Sun Up Solar

"FormBay has revolutionised our processing of STCs. From an Admin point of view, the time taken to input jobs has been halved thanks to this easy to use system. Thank you FormBay! "

Janine – Planet Power, Bendigo