Our Friends

We have been lucky enough to have had the help from some key organisations and people that have allowed us to grow and create a solid business. We highly recommend any of the key names listed below for the services they provide.

Legal Eagles

SWAAB Attorneys

Swaab cover all facets of law and they have helped us immensly with intellectual property, contracts, terms of use, and understanding legislation.

We highly recommend Swaab for their ability to quickly understand the industry we work within and the role and position we play.

Adding flare to the equation

Konceive web design and development

Konceive is also owned by Dan Sullivan. We have decided to list konceive here to say thank you to the team inside for all their great work and continued support.

Friday night drinks!

Grandma's Bar

When Tarryn wants her G&T there is only one place for it and that's Grandma's. Located in the basement of our building, Grandma's is a great place to unwind and have a few relaxing drinks in peaceful surrounds.