Our Background

The software for FormBay was developed through Daniel's web development company, Konceive in 2009. Konceive has been involved in many large scale content management systems and also the development of the security software for Telstra BigPond.

The software for FormBay was designed exclusively for the Australian Solar Industry to replace the lengthy manual process of data entry straight into the Rec Registry website for the creation of RECs (now called STCs). The technology was the first of its kind and it allowed users a secure way of registering their installs and managing and storing the data in their FormBay. FormBay was trademarked in 2010.

FormBay now offers our customers a completely paperless way of creating STCs through its use of the iPhone and Google Android platforms via the App, which was first launched in 2011. The App has now had many updates and is revolutionising the process of data capture in the field. This has resulted in much faster turnaround times for the creation of STCs for our customers.

FormBay now aims to take its technology to the worldwide solar industry and also utilise its technology for other industry segments to improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Everyone at FormBay feel excited to be involved in such a
ground breaking technology business which makes sense.
We are serving a need, lowering costs and making
businesses stronger.